1978 Dodge Motorhome

1978 Dodge Motorhome
1978 Dodge Motorhome

1978-79 Dodge rv motorhome vin?

I bought a trailer to a guy who went out of business and he never wrote a now my only option vin found in the van is iv looked and looked and looked without vin. built on a Dodge chassis. 78 or 79 I noticed a special place to search for hidden secret places. such a framework is much dirt and grease percise oxide found throughout. cannot reg without HELP! Where is the hidden vins a recreational vehicle that old

the only ones I know at that age you are back from the left side frame near the wheel where it is, there are other sets of numbers on that one, i cannot seem to get any information about it more than one site I was looking on, also say that a set at the top of the rail frame which can be seen in site.but clear that it would probably be covered with dirt and grease as well, the best advice I can give you is to pressure wash the frame off, and you, ll find more than one game in it, especially if it was built by,, Midas, and Norris, who was two brands popular in the 70s, and 80 s, s, and also utilized dodge chassis all at home, but left the business in 1981, good luck with it.

1978 Dodge Titan Motorhome

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