1979 Dodge Motorhome

1979 Dodge Motorhome
1979 Dodge Motorhome

How much is a Dodge 440 engine and automatic transmission. worth a 1979 motorhome.?

The engine has less than 100,000 miles on it and do not smoke. The transmission is in good condition. Both are good.

The base engine is a minimum value of $ 300 at a swap meet, or even 500 or more to a private developer. If you get magnafluxed and demonstrate that it is free to block crack, I could probably get like 800 for it. Because of the year the engine must be rebuilt if they want to apply to any application performance, so consider a whole kernel. If the motor has a steel crank, add $ 100. Transmission perhaps $ 100 - $ 150. rear axle would have a short and only applies to applications for trucks.

1979 Dodge Motorhome Rebuild Part 1

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