1984 Coachman Motorhome

1984 Coachman Motorhome
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1984 coachman camper question?

I own a leprechaun coachman camper 1984 27 foot floor is water damaged and I do not think you can get much of it if I sell it so I was thinking of stripping the body and being that the truck runs great with only 66,000 miles on it, I would like to towing vehicle to tow my trailer her new RV, and I want to know if the body can be removed motorhome campers leaving only the Ford E-350 cab and frames??

My stepfather had a year ago the car had a flat surface was a kind of extra cab. You have to deal with closure in the back the cabin. 27 feet, would probably be too long to short selling of the structure and transmission shaft, would be necessary. It can be difficult to get rid of a sale is not good, you may be stuck paying someone to take it or stripping it anyway to get rid of it ... might also strip and build your carrier.

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