1985 Motorhome

1985 Motorhome
1985 Motorhome

Datatool â € "the number one engine!

Datatool were founded in 1985, a time when the car security products only were in car accessory shops on the shelf behind the Pole. motorcycle safety elements were basically unknown, the philosophy behind this being the belief that bicycles and cars were too different to share the same systems immobilizers and alarms on the market and requiring a design entirely different manufacturing process and operation. With this in mind, Datatool set on the establishment of dedicated security level bike manufacturer.

Almost 25 years later, remains the market leader and most days we take applications for the sale of anything more demanding customers. Today it is classified as one of the worldâ € ™ s largest and most successful motorcycle accessory companies, with new product lines include battery charger, S / Nav and gear indicators. However, security remains its main product line and its attractions.

Perhaps what makes your product is successful the mentality of the motorist or the train of thought during the design phase. They seem to have a line of 'more popular' features such as remote alarm system case, which actually can house the ignition and removing the need to carry a key fob separately. It even has a rope security so the remote can be worn around the neck when not in use.

In addition, the drain current of the battery is very smart to have reduced three phases of sleep. First, drop the drain if the battery reaches 11.5 V on a bicycle, then LED flashes only every 10 seconds; 10.5 after the LED is reduced to blink every 30 seconds and the siren sounds a low beep every 60 seconds to warn the owner that the battery is dying slowly and finally to 9.8v the LED turns off completely, along with the battery backup system. Therefore, for anyone who leaves their bikes for long periods time, the alarm will never cause a flat battery and, further, that actually helps prevent one!

Another string to his bow is his Datatool Trovan RF (radio frequency) marking system, which comes with the new S4 range Thatcham approved. Trovan is a chip, that when the bike is examined by the police (which happens at meetings major bicycle, car parks and where stolen bikes are recovered) that provides all the information on the bikes true owner. The scanning equipment is used by all UK police forces and is highly respected and successful.

Protection is being developed as a double engine immobilisation circuit, which prevents Hot and vertical wiring / motion sensor that detects movement. The motion sensor can be disabled if the bike is being transported on a ferry by example, but only by the owner / user. Siren installation of panic, a bike and a locator 120dB battery backup are also characteristic standard with all the current range. Datatool even comes with an insurance over-ride that you can use the remote control should fail or are lost (you have a couple) and an LED diagnosis, designed to inform you by flashing in a sequence, if the alarm has been activated and what was the cause.

In short, it doesnâ € ™ t be easier than Datatool and of course, nothing compares.

GAP Security is the UK only truly national mobile installer or alarms immobilizers and tracking systems. We sell a wide range of security systems for cars, motorcycles and motorhomes, including the ever popular Datatool systems. Please visit our website at

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GAP Security is the UK's only truly nationwide mobile installer or alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems. We sell a range of security systems for cars, motorbikes and motorhomes, including the ever popular Datatool systems. Please visit our website at http://www.gapsecuritydirect.co.uk

Kelly Blue Book Value Motorhome Mallard 1985?

Does anyone know the Kelly Blue Book value of a 1985 Mallard Motorhome? I can not find motoerhomes anything on the website. It's amazing what someone can children learn how to use a computer.

I could probably find out website itself Kelley Blue Book ... http://www.kbb.com

1985 Ford Tioga Class C 28 ft Motorhome for sale

1985 40ft Mercedes Motor Home
1985 40ft Mercedes Motor Home
$15,000.00 (1 Bid)
End Date: Saturday Feb-13-2016 13:56:16 PST
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