1995 Motorhome

1995 Motorhome
1995 Motorhome

Chevy 454 gas engines and oil?

Does anyone know what the factory recommended octane and weight motor oil to use in a model 1995 motor? I have the engine in a camper van on a1 ton chassis and drive from sea level to 7000 m elevation in moderate climates. Thanks

His book is likely glove say 5w-30 regular-fuel. I'm not familiar is the mileage on the odometer if the other side I switched 75,000 to 10w -30. If the engine is dry, no leaks, then you would benefit from a complete synthesis and change it once. year. Mobil 1 has a total 15,000 synthetic. My Reply to gasoline will be some what a surprise. 87 octane does not work as well as 89 or 93. Every gasoline engine on the market is a blow to the sensor board immediately retards spark advance if the sensor detects pinging or detonation. Reduced Ignition advance murders horsepower and fuel economy. Use higher octane fuel eliminates or reduces the need for sensors to retard the spark. To give a better chance of fuel a day and see if your mileage collects and power along with it.

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