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Bribie Island is located off the coast of southern Queensland, only 65 km north of Brisbane, the best destination for campervan rental Australia has to offer.

Easy access via a bridge makes this island a popular tourist destination among surfers, anglers, bird watchers, and those who just like to get away from everything. Bribie Island has several accommodation options ranging from caravan parks, a 4WD camping along the ocean. If you have a caravan 4WD or camper, it is undoubtedly going to be a place to park your camper.

How To Bribie Island.

For the driver from Brisbane, stay on the Bruce Highway travels north for approximately 65 miles to get to the Bribie Island turn off the signals. Access to the island by a bridge.


For those who prefer solitude and camping among the sand dunes along the coast, there is a huge National Park which is 4WD access only. Permits are needed both for driving and camping. These can be obtained at Bongaree Caravan Park Bribie.

There are no facilities are scheduled for 4WD camper, all supplies and water must be brought on yourself.

There are also caravan parks that you are able to stay in if prefer modern comforts.

There are many restaurants, grocery stores and even restaurants and hotels in Bribie for visitors to buy some fuel, bait, food, firewood, and alcohol.

Things to see and do in the Bribie Island

4WDriving along the seafront on the eastern side of the island is allowed with a permit.

Fisheries. Both the ocean and Pumicestone Passage offers plenty of fishing spots willing to throw a line.

The Pumicestone Passage Marine Park is located between Bribie Island and the mainland. This protected stretch of water is home to fish not only, shrimp and crabs, but also dolphins and dugongs.


Birdwatching in the conservation of the hole Buckley Park. This park is located at the southern tip of the island and can display up to 190 different waders and waterfowl.

Bicycling. Bribie Island is covered in bike paths.

Water sports. The ocean and Pumicestone Passage are perfect places protected for all types of water sports.

Boating is especially useful for remote locations only accessible by water transport. There are numerous ramps craft throughout the island.

Dingoes. Great for shooting, but do not get too close or attempt to feed.


Taking some insect repellent is a must here.

Read safety dingo if you are thinking about going out in the suburbs of the island. 4WDriving on the beach is best done when the tide is low.

Speeds are enforceable on the island. 50 km / h is the maximum allowed on the beach. Keep your seatbelt fastened and drive on designated tracks.

Permits are needed for both 4WDriving and camping in National Park.

No pets allowed allowed in the park.


Bribie Island is an ideal holiday destination for anyone who enjoys sports of water. Camping facilities range from trailer parks, perfect for the mobile home, through to 4WD access only camping. Bribie is easily accessible through a bridge and can be as civilized or remote as a camping holiday as you want. The two motorhome hire and 4WD campers are popular choices on this island.

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How do you tow a car using an rv?

We want to flat tow our car to our rv but we don't want to put miles on it. What do we need to do without getting a trailer? Is there a certain kind of jeep?

You need a tow hitch on the RV, and a tow bar assembly on the car. Plus, related items like chains, brake lights, etc. That's actually the easy part.

The difficult part is making sure your car is towable with all 4 wheels on the ground. Jeeps have specific instructions from Jeep that you have to follow, but they work well. My AWD Subaru cannot be flat-towed, so would be a bad choice. Most FWD cars are good, some 4WD cars are bad, most RWD cars are bad.

Give your dealer's service department a quick call to see if your car can be flat-towed. Don't call your neighborhood mechanic, they think they know "better" than the manufacturer. Also, check motorhome publications for specific info.

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