Bunk Beds Motorhome

Bunk Beds Motorhome
Bunk Beds Motorhome


Recession ... and suddenly you can not afford additional activities for their children. Travel to your favorite restaurant is not an option, fear birthdays and holidays, not to mention Christmas. You seem to be spending money on food and gasoline ... bills and, of course.

There is nothing left after taxes to put aside for a rainy day ... And you want that little luxury. Want to be able to sit and relax while listening to the waves splashing a few meters away from you. Unable to pay more for a break in the hotel, you become increasingly jealous of people who pride themselves on their exotic travels. You press the teeth and said nothing, but inside something is screaming: "I want to go on holidays as well!" "You are worse than others? Do not they deserve a little a treat from time to time?

Since I was a kid I spent my holidays in kayaking and camping with my family. Since money was scarce, we had to opt for a cheap way to spend our holidays, especially summer holidays in Poland lasted more than two months and people had to organize care for their children during this time. So my parents, especially my father, who is very good in organizing outdoor activities, decided to go to a party where she was sleeping in a tent and cook our own food. As my father used to be teachers (teachers in Poland have never been well paid), which had enough time to go for a long rest, and the kayak was the cheapest option.

During long winter months that would be using our equipment, repair any holes in the roof of the store and check our mattresses. At that time we knew nothing about carimats, so we had to rely on old-fashioned mattresses we use to give life to use a foot pump or in our lungs. We would like to look through kayak guides fixing our roads and camping areas. Mom prepares the meat in advance and kept in jars, as meat was especially difficult to obtain. As soon as the school would end within a week we will travel by train for a long vacation. By making primitive conditions they were able to spend six weeks in the national parks, in a quiet area, close to nature.

I want my children educated who live near nature and be able to survive for a couple of weeks without modern technology. I was hoping one day we all go camping and kayaking with the family. Unfortunately I have had say goodbye to my dream that I was disabled due to my illness. I'm not able to put a tent and go on with normal day to day activities without tiring. What's more I need to have access to electricity as I have to constantly keep my medicine in the refrigerator. I thought my holiday will be reduced to holidays and travel organized for people with disabilities. Then we bought our first motorhome and I regained hope.

As our 2009 model mobile home has six seat belts, we can go on holiday as a family and we still have grandparents or friends with us. We are able to put all the bed and walls up to seven of us to sleep in very comfortable conditions. Cooking is not a problem and not have to be expensive, the trailer is equipped with refrigerator and freezer so it is easy to store food and fill as necessary. If I feel tired, any member of the family can assume the task of cooking gas in the kitchen easier to use. Setting tables you can even leave the kids while they enjoy helping tremendously while having fun at the same time. Equip the van with all necessary cooking utensils Holiday and not forgetting, of course, on the grill, so we can enjoy long summer vacation close to nature and away from the crowds. As we have access to electricity, addition to the refrigerator, you can watch TV or movies on DVD player, so boredom does not rain.

Also board games package and a lot of books that can be easily read by lamps mounted on two tables and bunk beds.

Washing is easy, and the trailer is equipped with toilet, shower and toilet rotating low enough to be used by young children and suitable for any person with Motability.

I can no longer be able to sleep in a tent (as I will not be able to get up), but can still pass holdays great journey in the luxury motorhome and I can feel like a member adequacy of the gang.













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Joanna Foss, B.Sc. graduated from Technical University of Lodz in Physics. She runs www.estpuk.com renting luxury motorhomes and www.fullnappy.com offering hosting and domains.

You can read her blog at: www.joannafoss.com

there is a class A motorhome with two bunk beds and one double bed and maybe a leather sofa bed and a table?

i tion berths

do look up to

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5150 Freightliner Toterhome Toter Motorhome Detroit Diesel 20k Gen Bunk Beds
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