Flood Damaged Motorhomes

Flood Damaged Motorhomes
Flood Damaged Motorhomes

Understanding Your Caravan Insurance Quotes

Do you have a caravan? Unlike cars and caravans, caravan insurance is not mandatory, many people overlook or minimum insurance. But as comprehensive insurance on your car or mobile home for protection in case of accident, so it must protect your investment in your caravan. Insurance for a caravan can be very affordable if you shop around and buy it from an insurance company in good standing, the shield.

There are three types of caravan insurance, depending on your needs. Many people the house of your caravan at home and use it only to travel. If this is the case with you, you may only need to use your own insurance for travel trailers. Rates vary depending on whether you have a single axle or a caravan double axle. A few things to consider when you get your quote are whether or not you are traveling in the United Kingdom or the continent, and where you store your caravan when you are not tour. Shield Insurance offers very attractive rates for caravan owners who store their caravans Caravan storage sites Owners Association. The discounts are as follows: 25% for storage in a place Gold Award, 15% for storage in a place of Silver Award, and a 5% discount on a site of Bronze. These discounts on their insurance Touring caravan occur because of the reduced risk of theft or damage to these sites.

The next type of caravan insurance is called "static safe." This is insurance for a caravan that is permanently parked in one place. It may seem that there is no reason for this type of insurance, as his caravan is not going anywhere, but is still subject to weather, vandalism or theft. Static Comprehensive insurance cover all these eventualities.

While Holiday Park static caravans are only technically but also not fall under the category of permanent housing as they can be moved from one place to another. Park Home insurance is a special kind of caravan insurance that takes into account your investment largest and the fact that usually a park is also where you live. Park homes are exposed to the weather and should be insured against fire, damage by floods and other natural disasters, as well as theft, vandalism and accidents. Park Shield home insurance is so fully understandable, but affordable that would be crazy to do without it.

If you are looking for caravan insurance of any kind, would do well to buy online from Shield. This company offers great discounts on insurance policies online, so when you get your appointment, be sure to see what they have to offer.

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