Funny Motorhome Names

Funny Motorhome Names
Funny Motorhome Names

Tourists say the funniest things

We've all been there - has asked for something ridiculous in our country by a person of a different country. If you are an Australian, is probably to do with a kangaroo. If you're Irish like me, who is about elves or Lucky Charms.

Nine MSN have met some of the classic questions that Australians have been asked by tourists as:

Did you ever get windy in Australia? I've never seen rain on television. How to make your plants grow? (United Kingdom)

My wife and I enjoy hiking. How long it took to reach from Perth to Sydney on foot? (Canada)

What is the weather in Vienna in May? (USA)

I have asked some funny stuff in my travels. Now desire for the good of this blog I had written them all down, but here are some that I have not forgotten ...

Stereotyped America: Where are you?
Me: Ireland.
Typical American: What State, in?

Canadian driver: Where are you in Ireland since then?
Me: Derry.
taxi driver in Canada: Do you know Mick from Cork?
(Cork Derry is about 430 km and no, I do not know Mick)

Vietnamese boy (Looking at my ghostly white skin) to my friend: Where do I get it?

My friends / parents / siblings on a visit to Ireland in Australia: Are potatoes in Australia?
Is everyone in Australia tanned, beautiful and able to navigate?
Have you seen anyone from neighbors or even home and away?

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Funny names to call your bus motorhome?

My parents have bought a bus and we are doing it up as a motorhome.. we are thinking of a name that would be unique, like 'losabago' (or however you spell it).. but someone else already has that one.. so what is a good name to call it.. we are stuck with ideas!!

How about ;;;;

" " " THE JOLLY TROLLY " " "

" " " HELL ON WHEELS " " "

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