Gas Pusher Motorhome

Gas Pusher Motorhome
Gas Pusher Motorhome

Formaldehyde and used motor homes

Since some mobile homes were given to people by FEMA after Hurricane Katrina, the factor of concern has increased the amount of formaldehyde in mobile homes. Where does formaldehyde originate? How much is exposed in general? How Formaldehyde is in your used motor home?

Formaldehyde found in many places

There are many sources of formaldehyde, and we are all exposed to a certain amount each day. It is found in trees, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, some cosmetics, and cigarette smoke. There is some in antiseptics, medicines, dishwashing liquid, polish, nail polish and curing agents, cleaners, and glues.

Gas and kerosene flames, some types of permanent press clothing, curtains, and fiberglass emit some formaldehyde. Cattle eat it, and is used to process cheese, fish and juices. In short, formaldehyde is a composite of natural and organic.

How does formaldehyde get into the motor homes?

Some of the wood particles, and used in the construction of houses rolling are carried out together with glue that contains the gas. Most is consumed in the process, and is chemically in the tables. The rest, about one per cent, absorbed by the air and in a well ventilated Class B motorhome, dissipates over time. This process is called "out gassing".

How are exposed to formaldehyde?

We all live with formaldehyde. It can not be avoided completely. Raw fumes may cause irritation eyes, nose and throat where they are most sensitive. React even to the amounts that normally would be found without realizing it. When you eat, or drink, is rapidly absorbed and his body is able to break quickly and make it happens formate in the urine.

How can I reduce the amount of formaldehyde in your environment?

RV manufacturers are vigilant, and the new diesel pushers are safe by the standards of the States. You may want to go further by open windows and let in fresh air. Indoor plants absorb a large amount of formaldehyde. As also degrades in the water - which some people have found the use of a humidifier useful.

New clothes and curtains can be washed before use. Since that time, formaldehyde is dissipated motorhome, buying used a Class C motor home is also a good choice and secure.

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besides a toyota motorhome what is the next best motorhome when it comes to gas milage?

I have searched extensively and cannot find the answer to this question. Any help would be greatly appreciated....
I am looking for a class c RV
I will consider a c class deisel as well. I am just looking for a good gas milage older model.

that is likely the only gas powered motor home that gets decent fuel mileage none of the other manufacturers cared back in the good old days. The only thing now that can compare to the fuel mileage is the diesel pushers the older ones tend to be underpowered durable but expensive to get repaired. The newer ones are far more reliable and expensive as hell. In fact the snow birds that run up and down the coasts of washington oregon and northern california in the summer, then typically go to arizona or florida in the winter use newer diesel pushers that get good mpg even towing small cars. These are almost always retired folks with dexcretionary income. The oil thieves have single handedly killed the rv traveling in all of the places I mentioned no one can afford 4 dollar a gallon fuel in a motor home that gets 3 to 5 mpg its pretty sad nowadays compared to what it used to be like.
The reason there is no infrmation about class c with small engines is there are none. all the other class c are old gas sucking big blocks you need to go to a different class of motor home with deiesel motors.

Fleetwood Discovery Motorhome

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