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Datatool - A Brief History

Datatool is well known for the range of Thatcham Approved security, in particular their alarms. The Company has been making a range of motorcycle alarms for nearly 20 years and in that time iconic names like the Stealth, Veto and System 3 have evolved.

Datatool released the System 4 range of motorcycle alarms in 2005 and since then the product has been sold all over the world. Fellow British Company Triumph chose to use the System 4 as their original equipment accessory.

Motorcycle dealers everywhere recognise the System 4 as the market leading product – it was designed from a blank sheet of paper and so lacks nothing! The reliability of the product is second to none, but should back-up be required then rest assured that the team of staff at Datatool Head Office will not disappoint. Dealer support and training will ensure that the Datatool Approved Installers will always be kept up to date, factory trained and informed.

Datatool have always been at the forefront of motorcycle technology accessories – that’s why the range of products now includes Battery Conditioners, Tracking, Satellite Navigation, speed camera detectors, ground anchors, chains, Datatag – the list goes on!
Motorcycle security has always been part of Datatool’s culture and their staff have an active interest in theft trends. After all Datatool all key personnel are motorcycle owners and have to protect their bikes, just like their customers!
‘Layered’ security is a method acknowledged by Police and security experts worldwide. This involves using a number of different products to provide a barrier of defence against theft.
For example, an alarm and immobiliser will protect against ride away theft and will alert the owner to a theft attempt. Furthermore, an alarm will subject the thief to stress and pressure.
A well fitted ground anchor and chain will protect against a ‘snatch’ or ride away.
The moment the two product types are used in conjunction with each other, the effect of the individual security magnifies many times over.

With many sports bikes costing in excess of £10,000, it pays the owner to do everything possible to avoid becoming a victim of theft – and owners of smaller bikes and scooters are even more likely to have their bike stolen. Many motorcyclists expect their insurance company to sweep up any after effects of a theft. This is completely unrealistic and will never happen. When you consider the far reaching implications of a theft, keeping hold of your bike in the first place is a far easier and cheaper option! Phone calls, completing claims and Police theft forms and agreeing claim values all take time! A theft claim will be a blot on your record for many years to come, and future premiums will be increased, for sure.
Whatever your ride, Datatool have a choice for you!

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