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Motorhome Bumpers
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The revolutionary features of BMW Parking Sensor

If you are looking for a parking sensor revolution that is 100% reliable, single discrete sensor test the BMW car parking offered Dynamics. BMW parking sensor technology has revolutionized the front and rear sensor. Definitely adapts to any climate and parking situations. The electromagnetic sensor technology BMW parking is proven for any parking situation easier and safer, and the prevention of tragic accidents, scrapes and bruises.

BMW Parking Sensor is a universal type parking sensors that fit not only BMW cars, but also as another vehicle, such as RVs, SUVs, MPVs, 4x4 and vans. It also detects all types of objects when they are near the distance that include container, garage doors, barriers, fences, promenades, posts, pillars, small, high curbs, vehicles, people and many more. The unique adhesive metallic antenna design BMW parking sensor mounted inside the disjointed plastic bumper. With this design, the BMW car will always look new and still can maintain the aesthetics of soft lines on today's vehicle height. Compared with other sensors visible and ugly, parking sensor parking BMW driven by dynamics are far superior performance and design.

BMW Parking Sensor Parking Dynamics offering is available in different sensor options that these options use the same technology Electromagnetic different alert tones for identification. BMW Parking Sensor has front and rear parking sensor options.

The front parking sensor car BMW offers complete anti-shock protection for the parking lot. Through sound speakers, the sensor alert the owner of the vehicle for any objects approaching from a distance. Is activated by pressing button switch that mounts under the steering wheel disconnected. Once the sensor BMW front parking lot is activated, there is a sensor system that provides self-diagnostic functions, automatic and immediate. The functions are usually involved in mapping out the areas bound front bumper. With constant monitoring of these functions, the car owner can operate the vehicle with 100% accuracy with rate provided several Proximity audible tones. The rear parking sensor provides your car with BMW Shock full protection when parking and reversing. Of all modes with the front sensor is alerted via an audible speaker with similar functions.

Here are listed the main features BMW Parking parking sensor provides dynamic that will make any car owner bought by BMW Parking Sensor:

  • With high performance as a parking aid, reversing sensor and reverse sensor.
  • Comes with 2 year warranty.
  • Ideal for leasing and rental companies as there is no bumper adjustments.
  • Can fit all BMW vehicle forms with plastic bumpers. The forms include Motor vehicles, vans, cars, SUV, MPV and 4x4.
  • Very compatible with all BMW vehicles, due to wheel Spare fixed towbar fitted to the back door.
  • Comes with 3-wire installation.
  • It comes with three types of audible tones proximity warning to the vehicle owner. The alert tone may be related to nearby or distant objects.
  • It is 100% compatible with both the latest multiplex and conventional wiring systems for BMW vehicles.
  • It comes with a 2.7-meter tape antenna mounted on the inside of the bumper. This antenna can be cut to fit any size of bumper.
  • Does not require painting compared with ultrasonic sensors parking rates.
  • Highly sensitive, reliable and accurate in all weather conditions and parking situations.
  • can easily fit not pierce or puncture the car that can cause damage.
  • Is maintenance free.
  • You can protect and whole body scanning bumper including the sides.
  • can easily detect various objects such as containers, barriers, fences, walls, poles, pillars, doors garage, small steel and high vehicles, people and many more.
  • Instantly a beep every time you near an object type.
  • No visible parts required and to install 100% discreet.

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Visit parkingdynamics for BMW parking sensor and car parking sensor .

Have a citation for moving violation within 2 weeks, someone has some tips on how to handle?

Hello, I had an accident 2 weeks ago. My rear sides reached a mobile home parked car while I was trying to park and damage to the bumper and the front of the parked car. I have to attend court at any time within the next 60 days. Ideally I would like to have the incident recorded on my driving record or atleast minimize points and penalties. This happened in New York. Anyone with any advice or words of advice do not hesitate to respond.

All I know from experience - And a friend who is a traffic cop - is that, if you have time, take this into account. Expertlaw The site below is a forum about moving violations, and you can find a story similar to yours. You can click on the type of violation and then takes you to a list of other people's experiences and as legal advice. You can also ask your own question if you do not see any that apply to you. I have not seen any that fit your story well, myself, but may I have better luck. Since it was your fault, definitely plead guilty. You do not really have a choice, because his vehicle was the only vehicle in motion. If, by chance, the car was parked illegally (not mentioned here), you stand a better chance of a reduced fine. My brother attended a traffic court when I went through a red light. There was an 18-wheeler in front of him, and he followed through the intersection. The light was red before entering the intersection and a police officer witnessed it. My brother went to traffic court, said he was guilty, but he did not intend to run the light red. He just could not see it. The judge told my brother to remember that he has to wait for the truck to move out of the way and then continue if the light is red. We did pay a small fine and that it was. Happen to think that honesty is the best policy. Definitely had no intention of hitting the vehicle and it will do their civic duty by appearing in traffic court. Your insurance should take care of any money owed to the repair of another vehicle, once you pay the deductible. Most insurance companies have their first violation lightly. Only if you are a repeat offender that a hike up its rates a large amount. It was an "accident" and I hope you get a lenient judge. The first DMV site talks about NY then moving violations. It lists the points given for different violations. As I have not the "exact" moving violation that is charged, you can check out the list - just progress towards the "Points" section. DMV second site gives you tips on the court and what to expect. The points system is explained on the site ny-new-york/point-system. Hope this was of some help to you. I wish you luck in court.

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