Motorhome Fuel Consumption

Motorhome Fuel Consumption
Motorhome Fuel Consumption

End of life RV: Choose the best mobile housing

Whether it's the suburbs or in the outdoor lifestyle is greatly influenced by our personality, our needs, and - perhaps above all - our budget. Fortunately, in rich countries like Australia, the wide range of mobile accommodation options allows us to travel virtually anywhere you choose and economically comfortable.

What I should, however, will not necessarily be your first choice, nor are preferences likely to coincide with those of their close friends or relatives. Result is, all segments of the camping and RV markets are doing quite well.

Of course, at the end of the spectrum of budget accommodation, tents are always high on the short list of options, especially for those who love freedom Outdoor true. On the other side are those who simply must have a few amenities, while maintaining a degree of independence. The latter group is likely to choose by a fully equipped caravan / travel trailer or motorhome.

For the rest of us, somewhere along a sliding scale fee that comfort / our Ideally niche has found. Note, however, "ideal" is really a sneaky way of saying "acceptable compromise." After all, no matter what your choice - tents, tent trailers, trailer camper, caravan, motorhome or camper - commitment will be necessary between Key factors in the decision of the costs, comfort, self-sufficiency and mobility. The catch is, only you can balance the mix!

However, to help you identify your personal niche, here are some essential differences between the popular choices among travelers nomads today:


Stores Camp has always attracted a large (and growing) band of devotees. The stores are relatively inexpensive, available in a wide range of sizes and complexities, and outdoor enthusiasts to maintain complete freedom, flexibility and mobility.

With camping, however, major drawbacks are the time it takes to reach their camp established, and vulnerability in relation to extreme weather conditions. Along with sleeping, cooking and other equipment, plenty of space for vehicles required, and frequent changes of location become a chore with the daily set-up and UPS packages.

Trailer Shop

Climbing budgetary scale, trailers store may be in the following consideration. This is essentially a small trailer with a built-in, tent-folding frame. As general, which are more robust than regular stores, much easier to build, and the bed (and some surface) rises above the ground. Through a series of optional awnings and accessories, trailer shop can become a house of canvas!

Note, however, with a trailer of any kind of impact has, to some extent camping in accessibility, but high-powered and "off-road models to minimize this effect (especially if towed by a 4x4).

Another advantage is the release of most of its cargo space vehicle, but also must anticipate a quantum leap to the financial scale. (But if you already have a box firm-trailer, may be adaptable.)

Camper Trailer

Even a low camper trailer specifications represents more - significant! - Rise in spending potential in trailers store (although the big flea market is worth exploring.) Even so, you stand to gain considerable momentum in comfort levels, especially for long-term camps or extended tour.

Certainly, camper trailers still require creativity in the field, but this is an operation quite fast and painless. Shooting also remains reasonably free of stress its low profile and lighter weight compared with full size caravans. Even so, mobility and maneuverability Bush suffers more from the store or shop towing company. And do not forget additional costs, such as registration, insurance, and higher fuel consumption.


For nomadic lifestyle long-term or full time, one-size Full motor provides optimal comfort, convenience and comprehensive security. This is not trailer while driving and parking is a breeze (except in streets very narrow and parking spaces). Make the field, and away from the morning is the easiest of all possible options.

Its main disadvantage is the high cost (instead of motor caravan configuration), and the fact that every time you move - even to the store for milk or bread - you have to pack up their "home." And if repairs are needed on the road, you can deal with motel costs.

Little brother of the caravan, motorhome, has a similar set of pros and cons, but is much less expensive to buy and operate, and considerably easier to get around in. for the two people who represent an excellent visibility compromose to travel the long term, but become very "tight around the shoulders" to a lifestyle full time.


For the best balance of all between space, comfort and security, is hard to beat a reasonably sized trailer or travel trailer. For long stays in a field of "base" while getting out of your car or 4x4, are ideal. There are sizes, brands and models to suit most family needs and all budgets. And the market before to be loved without end.

Once again, however, mobility in reverse can be very small (even with some of the 4x4-sized platforms) and, in general, driving is more stressful, expensive and slower. Visits to major cities, with parking difficult or tight turn arounds, often become a real pain in the tailpipe.

So what do you recommend? Well, unfortunately there is no simple answer! For example, according to our plans, and travel camp alternates between traveling light (sleeping in our 4x4), and towing our home - a caravan of 16 feet. Occasionally, we use a fabric store longer camps Bush during his visit to the highlands.

To my mind, there is no "one size fits all solution for everyone." But if you are thinking of embarking on a trip to full-time lifestyle, my advice would be to identify - and consider carefully - your personal needs and aspirations, and then set yourself to adapt to the destinations and activities of interest.

The best part is, you have plenty of options.

About the Author

Bill Revill is an Australian freelance writer, fulltime RV traveler, and remote lifestyle expert. For further information go to:
Copyright 2007 by W.V. Revill

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one of its "34 Class A engine gas 460.

6-8 mpg if ur lucky

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