Motorhome Fuel Mileage

Motorhome Fuel Mileage
Motorhome Fuel Mileage

Is now the time to buy an RV?

Volatile fuel prices and the recent loss of home values have impacted both RV owners and RV industry. In the past several months many major RV manufacturers have shut their doors permanently.

Very few people, who recently purchased new mobile homes at the highest monthly payments may qualify for, now regrets his decision to get the RV of your dreams. In other words, the more they bought their RV and are now paying the price for it.

Is this doom and gloom for all RV RV and potential? The answer is a resounding NO! If you ever thinking of buying an RV or upgrade to a different kind of RV, now is the time to do so.

Because this is where the concept basic supply and demand (also known as price and demand) he learned in economics class in high school kicks in. To put it RV, when the economy is bad, the demand for recreational vehicles low.

With less demand, RV dealers will do everything possible to get rid of new recreational vehicles (in other words, accepting less money for them.) The volatile fuel prices and the economy also questionable have caused panic among some current RV owners. These owners have hastily decided to sell their mobile homes because they believe no longer be able to afford to use them.

This has created a buyer market for mobile homes at this time. If you are thinking of buying a new or used RV, you will be able to get more for your money. Of course I will still have to negotiate the best price you can for what you want, but now more than ever is the driver's seat during these negotiations. Depending on what kind of RV you are going to buy, the money you save on the purchase price could buy fuel and other costs travel for some time.

In some cases you may need to finance the purchase of RV. When financing, remember the financial institution will a loan for as much as you want (based on your credit card.) But that is going to give much credit does not mean you have to use that much of the credit. You may think you can afford the monthly payments. But one must ask if you can comfortably afford the monthly loan payments and RV still have money left over to pay other costs of owning an RV, like fuel, maintenance, storage and camping of course. In other words, do not overbuy.

Now, let's address the concerns of the cost of camping in their new RV. The biggest cost, depending on the type of RV to be fuel. This would be a major concern if you are planning a 3,500 mile cross country trip. Now, even the most avid RĂ´vere is not the time for all watching your money across the U.S. (Unless you have a lot of money).

How far from everything and go camping does not require 100 or 1000 miles. Look around 50 -, 60 - or 70-mile radius of where you live and you will be amazed at all there are places to camp. Remember, the whole point of RVing and camping is to relax and enjoy the environment. I guarantee that there is no mileage limit in relaxation. If you are 25 miles from home or 2,500 miles from home, you can and should relaxing after all, that is what the RVing lifestyle issue.

Our family has been RVing for over 35 years and have been fully as U.S. and Canada, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Have we changed our habits RVing as a result of the economic crisis? Yes, we are not planning to travel 1000 miles right now. Have we given up to RVing? No, just go camping close to home, visiting destinations that have not been before. This change in our habits has not decreased our zeal for or enjoyment of RVing.

You will not regret your decision to buy an RV. Just plan ahead and not put pressure financial information about yourself, as this will diminish your enjoyment.

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fuel mileage it can get kind or trailer with V-10 engine?

I have a 30 foot 2000 sea breeze and the average is about 8 miles per gallon - Vehicle not a very efficient fuel and has a v20 in it. Its also going to depend on whether it is fully loaded, water, gas, inside and out - but 8 is the average us. Less if you tow a trailer behind it though.

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