Motorhome Giveaway

Motorhome Giveaway
Motorhome Giveaway

Driveaway Holidays named Australia's Best Car Rental Wholesaler 2008

Month has been a great for all of us here in safety Holiday Night. We started in July in style Travel Industry annual AFTA National Awards. Always a good night, this year was even more exciting than the last as they wait to walk (or drive with) an award for third consecutive year that's exactly what we did! The wait was tense, with night security being nominated in one of the last categories to be announced - which may account for the amount of wine drunk by Officials at the table ... But our wait finally came to an end when hosts Larry and Kylie AM Shew announced as winners of Best Car Rental Wholesaler. Dan, our MD, gave a speech worthy of Oscar and the prize was quickly passed around the table in the photographs. A great night all round and another award to add to the collection Driveaway
General consensus among the ladies .... was not as good as last year ... but only because the host last year was the beautiful Tom Williams! Maybe next year! After celebrating being the Best Car Rental Wholesaler NTIA 2008, there were more security Holiday Night celebrate this month with our 20th birthday on July 25, 2008. There was much enthusiasm among the staff with lots of birthday cake (From ), iPod gifts to our Central Reservations team and of course, civil servants older, the joy in saying "It's our 20th anniversary (it's been too long since some of us can say that!). Since the doors opened Night security for your holiday 20 years ago in Manly, NSW (now North Sydney, NSW)
"We have become the leading car hire, hire cars and vacations with disk access.
"We have grown from 2 to more than 90 people.
"Now we work with over 20 providers with access to rental rates over 4000 locations worldwide. Of course, I could not have done any of this without the support of our clients, past and present staff, suppliers, partners ... so a big thanks to all who have helped over the years to make the success Driveaway!

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Car Guru writes for DriveAway Holidays and DriveAway Holidays Blog

What are great ideas for a grand opening?

I work for a company that sells RV style motorhomes, and they are having a grand opening this summer. I want to know if we should give anything away, if so, then what~What kinds of foods should we serve, should we have games, etc. I've never done this before, so anything you can offer will be helpful. Thanks!

There are three things you need for a gala RV opening

1) barbecue food, cheap or free
2) loud music, either country or country rock and pop
3) pretty girls in tight skimpy clothes

Other things that could help are: promotional giveaways of stuff used in RV living, carnival rides, a local radio disk jockey giving live coverage, a time sale (some percent off for sales closed between 8 and 10 am), cheap logo giveaways for everybody, local sports or entertainment celebrities signing autographs.

Good luck.

Winner of Keystone Giveaway

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