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Motorhome Hydraulic Jacks
Motorhome Hydraulic Jacks

Review Cedar Creek Fifth Wheel

I've been in the RV industry for a while and I realized that many people wonder about the characteristics key quality in trailers that go unanswered. So I'll review a new toy hauler motorhome, fifth wheel campers each week. free to submit your own review of an RV on our site. Go to , scroll down the homepage. In the icon right click Log in, click Create account and that's all.

I checked the sale is a forest river Cedar Creek. This unit is a luxury fifth wheel and is made in Indiana. Cedar Creek has been in production for 10 years and market capitalization continues to grow the brand. This unit is not usually a first Rôvere unit. It's price is between 50 thousand to 70 K, depending on the options.

Here are some key features of the Cedar Creek:

* Insulated Tanks cold (this helps prevent tanks from freezing and cracking).

* Gel-coat exterior, including door and every door of the compartment (ie helps keep the exterior of your apperence).

* UV clear coat automotive paint, guaranteed for 7 years
in all vents Refrigerator, Microwave Vents, and entry
Door Window Frames, Preventing Early Discoloration

* Hand of 2 x 2 to 16 "(or less) OC Single Clamp Side Custom L "brackets combined with Uniroyal ® Adhesives Silaprene a strong flexible frame without welding or rolling. (475 psi, 2" per minute, marine grade) Profit to have that is when its side walls are welded that can break the stress and the passage of time without even noticing until it's too late. Remember these units, while deflection in the road.

* All slide-outs are isolated all the way around (5 parts). This may sound crazy, but many manufacturers do not insulate the slideout whole.

* R-7 insulation in the walls. Unable to get thicker insulation without having thicker walls. If someone says has R-10 or R-14 in the wall then they are not 2x2 2x4. In addition, some RV manufacturers have skin side wall as insulation.

* All covers are insulated for better climate control in the fifth wheel.

* Day and night shadows, radeling no more than mini-blinds.

* Central vacume, for easy cleaning

* Huge storage out back and take everything including the kitchen sink.

* Forest River will further with this product, providing the owner with the help of the coach side street-Net for the first year

Another thing, I witnessed personally is Cedar Creek workers are proud of what they do and do not cut corners just to get to his lunch hour. Cedar Creek believes in quality first, not quanity and openings with employees first. Emloyees around is very low and when they need to hire someone else, not even place an ad. Most employees are referred to by other workers at the plant. Below is a list of some standard feature taken from the website of Cedar Creek. I hope this has been helpful. free to post your own reviews Feel.

Exterior Features

* # 30 Gas Bottles with Bottle cover and automatic More
* (2) fright Lights - Door Side and Off Door Side w separate wall switches
* 110V. Below deck Front Storage Outlet
* 12V. Disconnect the battery
* 12V large area. Heating pads on the celebration of all & w freshwater tanks / Thermostat
* 15,500 LB rated Extended Pin Box
* 16 "belly Tire Carrier
* Lights 12 V storage below deck Bath & Storage Areas Front
* 30 "High Gel Coat storage compartment doors, side by side, Power Front Storage Area into a Front Storage Shed
* 30 "Radius Front Door Entry w / w Deadbolt Lock & Drip Cap /" Soft Top "Entry Storm Doors that Allow Full View outward
* 55 Amp Power Converter
* All exterior compartment doors, exterior lights and corners are sealed w / butyl rubber and silicone - Proven to be the best sealer in the industry - No caulk or foam Touch
* Black Color Tank
* Break Away Switch
* Cambered 10 "I-Beam w / Unique" Z "Frame Storage
* Convenient access and a phone jack cable TV connections
* Detachable 30 AMP power cord
* Attached double layer insulated underbelly
* Flush Floor Bath & Bedroom Deck
* Folding White Enamel Assist Handle at the door
* W of electrical power Jacks Front / Front Front Quick Release Jack Pins
* Hard hot start of the main duct in your upper front deck 2x more efficient delivery Heat
* Hitch light
* Front Landing Jacks 6RD6S, and 37RDQS 37CKQS
* Large Framed Dark Tinted Jalousie Clamp Ring Windows w / Superior UV and Weather Protection
* Illuminated Entry Step
* True locking gel layer of the outer ring clamp of baggage doors w / thumb grip and the door catch
* Opaque Jalousie Window in all Toilet areas
* Custom Illustrations Graphics
* Porch Light
* Radio wrapped skirt bottom metal
* Wheels clear coat metallic silver (no white edges oxidation)
* Smooth, simple operation, Easy Grip, Entry Plaza - Large Confident Pie Extra
* Backlight Assembly W / Back-Up Lights Included
* Automotive Paint UV coating placed on Refrigerator Vents to Prevent Premature Color Changes
* Scale back white enamel

Bedroom Interior Features

* New Oiled Bronze Hardware that lasted throughout the bedroom and bathroom areas
* 9-8 "deep drawers in the master bedroom
* Bedroom Roof Vent
* Central Television Location Cabinet
* Full 6'8 "in height
* Luxury accommodations Spread elastic couplings including mattress, pillows and Shams w / shelves solid wood
* Soft gray mirror closet doors that hide a deeper cabinets in the industry
* Swivel Mount TV Antenna w / extension power
* Update Pillow Top Residential Mattress
* Solid Wood Top Dresser (n Formica)


* 9 Cu. Ft Refrigerator w / digital outside temperature gauge
* 30 "In the microwave radio w / Built-in Vent
* New laminate countertop W / 2 "from edge solid oak
* 60 "x 48" Window in Dinette Area
* Plant clot Diamond
* In addition to all the crown molding on cabinets Kitchen area above
* Durable, Residential Stainless Steel Sink w / Full Twin Deep wells and includes a High Rise Swivel Spout & Spray vegetable (1) Sink Cover
* All water filtration system that includes the tank and City Water - Even your shower water is filtered
* Full 42 "The entry, double pedestal dining table w / 2 "solid oak edge
* Layer demand 65-gallon water system
* Lazy Susan
* Pantry
* Residential Style Full Extension Roller Drawer Guides w / Travel Insurance - No link
* Silverware Drawer
* Wood drawer fronts Solid Ash w / Baltic Birch Sides & Ends Convenient 5 "and 8" sizes
* Sockets at the base of the kitchen cabinet
* Cabinet Indiana (34RLSA) w / 2 'top extensible Appliances

Miscellaneous Appliances

* Detachable Power Cord 30 AMP
* LP Gas Detector
* Carbon Monoxide Detector
* Smoke Detector
* Individual residential style thermostat for heating and cooling
* Solid State Power converter 55AMP
* Suburban 30,000 (Minimum) BTU Furnace
* Monitor Wall Mount
* Hot water system By-Pas for winter

Living room

* 35 "x 9" "Skyview" side of the window in the living room
* Monoxide Detector carbon
* Ceiling Fan
* Coordinating Wall Paper Border
* Create a breeze Fantastic Fan w / thermostat and rain sensor in the Kitchen
* Day / Night Shades
* Fireplace
* Main Slide Fascia fluted wooden columns supported by post oak and carpet pad
* Style lambrequin Racks w / Curtains Throughout Except Bedroom
* LP Detector
* Main Slide-Room Height 6'7 "
* Pre-drilled and countersunk Fixing cabinets w / Cor-Wood Cabinet Sites
* Queen Ann Style End Table (W / A)
* Smoke Detector
* Solid Ash, Cathedral Style, Cabinets W Doors / heavy duty hinges and handles and knobs Residencial good crisp clean look
* Plush Pile Carpet rails in every room and bedroom Living
Areas * Living room and bedroom
* Cable TV, satellite and aerial Decorative Light Dinette
* Wall Clock

Room bath

* 12 "/ 10 Blade Bathroom Breeze Power Bath Vent w / Convenient Wall Switch
* Level 3 bathroom towel rack
* Wood Grain Passage Doors w / Residential Door Handles
* Large bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet w / Makeup Lights
* One piece molded, residential style w Fiberglass Shower with Seat that Wont damage w / age
* Skylight Over Tub
* To wash the feet of porcelain toilet
* Wall Switch Ceiling at key locations

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where is the hydralic jack resavior on a 1988 southwind motorhome?

Have somebody stand outside of the coach and run the jacks, there is a hydraulic pump that will try and extend the jacks and it will make noise, have that person then locate where the noise is coming from and the reservoir should be either part of the pump or real close to the pump

2006 Georgetown 340 Class A Gas Motorhome

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